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Belhaven Bay, Dunbar courtesy of David Sanderson Photography

The starting note


Dunbar Music School was formed in 2016 with the clear aim of introducing creative and fun music opportunities for anyone and everyone.

Waiting Lists

We are currently unable to provide lessons for anyone on a waiting list.

Development Section


We're delighted to have had so many children and adults in weekly lessons and to have introduced them to the delights of live performance, gigs, Opera and concerts.

The resilience and dedication of our students and teachers embracing a new way of learning and making music during the pandemic made us all very proud.

The future


The pandemic changed the landscape of life for all of us, and for now, we are unable to proceed with expansion plans and instead, have focussed on ensuring our current students and their teachers are able to continue with their lessons.

We are currently unable to offer lessons to anyone not already studying with us. 


A note from the Directors

We were delighted to launch Dunbar Music School in September 2016 and the support in the community was fantastic. Dunbar is an inspirational place - full of creativity and enthusiasm which will enable those students who began their musical studies with us, to continue their journeys in the inspirational surroundings of their wonderful town.  We wish them every success in their musical adventures. 

Siobhan, Jacqui & Calum

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