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Welcome to our Sponsorship Page, a place for you to get involved and for us to thank those who have contributed to Dunbar Music School through donations of time, expertise, instruments and financial support. 


There are many ways that you can make a significant difference in the lives of our students and these significant impacts come from gestures small and big and we appreciate them all.

Financial donations can be made towards a specific purpose of your choosing which include funding lessons for individual students, groups such as the string orchestra or wind ensembles, sponsoring those on fully funded places, holiday courses, purchases of equipment such as ipads, whiteboards or instruments.







Instruments Dunbar Music School breaks down the barriers to learning an instrument through its instrumental loan service where students can hire an instrument for £1 a week, or it is provided free for those on fully funded places. We accept all donations of instruments new and old, we repair, service and maintain them all and they are all put to excellent use, inspiring generations of instrumental students young and old.

Expertise Dunbar Music School CIC continues to expand and grow with the musical life generated by its students and the demands on a CIC within such a vibrant and musical community is a daily journey. We are extremely grateful to those who have given their time and expertise to helping our musicians on their journey as well as to those who continue to do so.

We have 4 tiers of recognition, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. For information on sponsorship packages please contact

Bronze is our entry level of sponsorship and is for donations of instruments, time or money from £50 up to the value of £399. We have had donations of many string instruments which enable students of all ages to learn without facing the barrier of a large financial outlay for an instrument they are not sure they will enjoy. Of course we are always happy that our loan instruments stay with their students for a long time because they do all enjoy it. This facility is however vital for young violinists as they may need 4 different violins before they get to a full size one and the generous donations mean our students can afford to learn the violin without facing the prohibitive costs of buying transition instruments. 

You can also donate Financial contributions of any denomination and express a preference for their use. You can ask for your donation to be used for tuition, instruments or equipment

Silver is our entry level for sponsoring a student for a year's tuition starting at £400 up to £699. We have also had higher value instruments donated at this level, including saxophones, French Horns, Flutes and Clarinets valued at £400-£600. Financial contributions made on an annual basis accumulate award levels and can be used to provide lessons for children who face barriers to accessing instrumental tuition. We are currently in need of equipment such as iPads for our teaching staff to use interactively during lessons and a Music Whiteboard 

Gold level sponsorship starts at £700 and our Gold sponsors have so far donated time, expertise and a wonderful collection of Brass Instruments to our Instrument Loan Scheme

Platinum sponsorship starts at £1000 and our platinum Sponsors have very generously funded a programme of tuition and Orchestra sessions for students who face barriers to accessing instrumental tuition. 

If you would like to discuss ways in which to get involved through sponsorship, donations or expertise, please get in touch with us by email

To those who have already donated their instruments, time and finances we say a huge Dunbar Music School Thanks You from all our students, and directors Siobhan, Jacqui and Calum

Our String Orchestra is free to attend and most of our students play instruments donated to our £1 loan scheme. 

Many people have unused instruments in their attic or garage and our students put them to good use.

You can sponsor an Orchestra session for as little as £50

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Linda Everett

Xanthe Watson

Janice Lennon

Rotary Club of Dunbar

Catriona Jeffrey


Papple Steading

Robin Mitchell

Jean Saunders

Jamie Regan

The Really Useful Group

Luke Jeffrey,  Jeffrey Decoration

Lee Crawley, IDEAlee

Sue Baxendale

Lamp of Lothian

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